Chef Sana’s Honey Almond Cake Recipe

Chef Sana’s Honey Almond Cake Recipe

Chef Sana’s Honey Almond Cake Recipe
3 Mar 2023

Our learning facilitator is quick to whip up spectacular sweet treats. Inspired by Indian cuisine, here’s her take on the classic dodha barfi. While the traditional mithai is known for its rich taste and gooey texture, the almond cake is mildly sweet and topped with a layer of sliced almonds.


For the Sweet Paste

1.     Flour 500 grams

2.     Icing Sugar 125 grams

3.     Butter 250 grams

4.     1 Egg

5.     Vanilla 10 ml

For the batter

1.     Butter 650 grams

2.     Castor Sugar 300 grams

3.     Honey 180 grams

4.     Milkmaid 200 grams

5.     Almond Powder 700 grams

6.     3 Eggs

7.     Vanilla Essence 5 grams


For the sweet paste

Step 1: Add butter into a KitchenAid and soften it

Step 2: Combine all the ingredients together and make it into a soft dough. Rest it for a while and roll it with a rolling pin into a 2 mm thin sheet.

For the batter

Step 3: Cook butter, castor sugar and honey till it’s melted.

Step 4: Add almond powder and Milkmaid; mix it thoroughly.

Step 5: Add 3 eggs and vanilla essence; blend them with a blender.

Step 6: Now, put the sweet paste sheet into a ring and bake it for 10 minutes at 170 degrees celsius oven.

Step 7: Pour the batter inside the ring; generously add almond flakes on top and bake it for 40 minutes at 170 degrees celsius in the oven.

Step 8: Take it out from the oven, remove the ring and garnish it with icing sugar. Enjoy!

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