Passionate about Pan Asian? Take it to the next level today!

Passionate about Pan Asian? Take it to the next level today!

Passionate about Pan Asian? Take it to the next level today!
2 Jun 2022

If you’re quick to whip up stir fried noodles, enjoy wrapping delicate dim sums, and pickling zingy veggies into kimchi — then, a career in Asian cuisine is for you and cooking classes can help you get there!

With its distinct and unmatchable flavours, oriental food is one of the most diverse in the world. While the Japanese are known to create well-balanced, mild dishes, Malaysian and Thai cuisine is vibrant, colourful and packed with heat.

Even through you may know your way around a home kitchen, culinary classes allow you to train in professionally-designed setups and ensure an immersive learning experience.

The right culinary programme will take you through the fundamentals of Pan Asian cuisine before moving onto advanced techniques. One such programme is the 18-month Diploma in Culinary Arts At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy.

What’s Cooking in the Classroom?

   You can master the skill of using common Asian knives, such as different types of Chinese cleavers, and the Japanese-style santokus and gyutous. Learn the art of slicing and dicing ingredients. Julienne vegetables into thin, uniform strips or dice them into neat cubes. 

   Understand the proper use and function of a cast iron wok, a ladle, and other essential utensils found in oriental kitchens. 

   Blend authentic herbs and spices, emulsify sauces and stocks. Familiarise yourself with Asian ingredients like lemongrass, Thai basil, galangal, yuzu lemon, star anise, mirin and more. 

   Cook food with dry heat methods such as grilling, broiling, baking, and roasting among others. Also explore moist-heat techniques like poaching, simmering, boiling, braising, and steaming. 

   Practice the art of plating and food placement to create aesthetically pleasing, well-balanced dishes. 

   Discover sustainable ways of cooking with plant-based or vegan cuisine. 

   Gain invaluable networking opportunities through workshops, activities and career fairs. 

   Learn to source the best natural produce and bring out its authentic flavour in each dish. 

   Develop a budget, supervise food production and manage a kitchen.

The Next Step

Professional internships with top restaurants and hotels allow you to gain hands-on training and apply classroom theory to practice. The real-world experience it provides helps you enhance your culinary skills, and gain confidence in the kitchen. With exciting internship opportunities, you can explore a career in fine dining, or catering, become a professional chef or pursue your passion as a food entrepreneur.


Begin your Culinary Career with Confidence

While following a recipe online can be fun, nothing can replace the hands-on training offered at a culinary school like At-Sunrice GlobalChefs Academy.

The 18-month diploma programme will teach you the art of balancing complex flavours like sweet, salty, spicy and umami. You will also learn to prepare classic Asian food before advancing to contemporary cuisine and fusion dishes. With a special focus on oriental cuisine, you will be creating various kinds of noodles, dim sums, soups and broths. By the end of the rigorous course, you will even learn to make and plate Singapore’s heritage cuisine. 

To know more about the Diploma in Culinary Arts or learn about Pan Asian food, click here!

The Diploma in Culinary Arts Programme At-Sunrice GlobalChef’s Academy covers all this and more. If you’re keen on a culinary career, apply now!

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