Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate?

Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate?

Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate?
13 Jan 2020

We’ve fallen head over heels for culinary arts. From TV shows and movies to bestselling books and especially our Instagram feeds – chefs are the new rock stars and studying culinary arts is becoming a mainstream dream. With the expansion of culinary arts, there’s a whole world of exciting career opportunities out there for those who are passionate about food. With so many programmes on offer by top culinary institutes in India, it can be confusing deciding the right stream for your needs. In this blog, we’ll explain the difference between different programme types and which one will suit your personal needs and professional goals best.

One of the first things to consider when you’ve decided to join the culinary world is your current lifestyle scenario. Are you a recent K12 graduate with a fully flexible schedule? Or are you a working professional with only weekends off? Perhaps you’re a stay at home parent who has free time while the kids are at school? How quickly do you want to enter the industry? It’s important to be matter of fact and consider the time and resources you can spend on training yourself to be a chef.


The culinary arts degree programme we offer at ISH is four years’ long and provides graduates with both an bachelors degree as well as a certification from Swiss leaders Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. Choosing to pursue a degree is a full time occupation and trains you in all the aspects needed to become a chef. You’ll cover things such as economics, menu planning, human resources, marketing and more – meaning you’ll be ready to take on multiple career options upon graduating. This is ideal for people who want to have the foundation they need to enter the culinary world as chefs, restaurant managers, nutritionists, food-entrepreneurs, event managers and more. Discover more about our degree programme here.


If you’re excited about starting your culinary career but don’t have four years to spare, a diploma in culinary arts can be a great choice. Our diploma programmes are more concentrated versions of our undergraduate stream, with students learning kitchen management and operations alongside traditional culinary skills. Many students choose this programme due to the short duration and part time learning basis. Upon graduation, students are placed with leading brands at a supporting commis chef level before working their way up the ranks. Our diploma programmes also give students the chance to spend 9 months learning and getting hands on experience in Singapore – with the option to then pursue a degree in America, Australia, Hong Kong or England. Read more about it here.


Our certificate programmes offer students a flexible schedule and concentrated programme that is just 9 months long with an optional 3 months of specialization. Ideal for working professionals who are looking for a career change, parents of young children or those who want to learn the culinary essentials before jumping into their future jobs. Certificate programmes usually cover fundamental culinary techniques and recipes. Upon graduation, students will have an easier time joining kitchens at entry level positions and working their way up due to their educational foundation.

To sum it all up – the world of culinary arts has less boundaries and restrictions than ever in today’s world. With the rise of culinary pop culture, celebrity chefs, hit reality tv shows and books, more people than ever are daring to pursue their newfound passion and find a foothold in the industry. Budding young culinary enthusiasts shouldn’t worry too much about the logistics of their future plans – it’s about choosing the right journey that fits your lifestyle and worrying less about the final destination.

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