Five Ways Hospitality Education Prepares You for Tomorrow’s World

Five Ways Hospitality Education Prepares You for Tomorrow’s World

Five Ways Hospitality Education Prepares You for Tomorrow’s World
26 Oct 2018

Believe it or not, we’re all living in a very hospitable world. So hospitable, in fact, that according to the 2017 WTTC Travel & Tourism Global Impact Report, approximately 1 in 10 of all jobs worldwide fall under the travel and tourism umbrella. Just last year, the travel and tourism industry as a whole actually outperformed the global economy – for the sixth year in a row. Over the next decade, travel and tourism is forecast to successfully continue its rapid expansion, overtaking huge global economic sectors – including communications, manufacturing, retail and distribution, as well as financial and business services – and provide 23% of all jobs worldwide. This forecast brings more than a positive outlook for the future – it’s a promise of incredible potential growth and professional opportunities for today’s youth.

This steady growth within the industry has made hospitality education an ever-increasingly popular –choice for students across the globe. With potential opportunities to work in some of the most aspirational industries today, it’s easy to see why it’s a glamorous and attractive choice for aspiring young students, who are choosing hospitality and its flexibility over more traditional educational paths. For those looking to take their first steps into this bustling, colourful and exciting world, or for those who are still undecided on their future path, here’s five reasons why an education in hospitality is one of most versatile choices you can make for your future.

It gives you some of the most in demand skills in the job market today – a hospitality education curriculum gives you a blend of some of the most important skills and foundations to have in today’s market. From business, accounting, human resources, management and even law and ethics, it’s a knowledge base that nurtures graduates into skilled and capable resources for numerous industries.

It changes the way you communicate and present yourself – an invaluable skill that can be applied to any job position, good communication skills are a key focus point in hospitality education. From grooming to public speaking and communication skills – hospitality education teaches students to master all of the above. Ever wonder why some people know just how to capture the attention of an entire room or lead a team to success? Communication, communication, communication.

You learn to think critically and outside the box – there’s no guidebook to life – and there certainly isn’t one that can cover all the scenarios the world of hospitality can throw at you. That’s exactly why critical thinking is one of the most invaluable skills hospitality management can teach you. Recognise the formula of the situation to solve the equation – no matter what the context. With some strong problem-solving skills, you’ll find it hard to be caught off guard by almost anything in your career.

You learn to lead – leadership is about more than just calling the shots. Hospitality management graduates are encouraged to build their teamwork skills throughout their curriculum, enabling them to build good relationships with their co-workers and know how, and when, to take initiative.

It helps you be a better entrepreneur  – Hospitality management gives you the skills to flourish in a variety of industries, but, most importantly, it gives you a toolkit to pursue your own path. Armed with a strong foundation in business knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset, students have the skills, know-how and connections to pursue their own venture and turn their ideas into reality. The world we live in today has been completely revolutionised by some incredible entrepreneurs – think Virgin, Tesla, Uber, Oyo – by fostering an up and coming generation of future movers and shakers, who knows what amazing stuff tomorrow has in store for us?

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