What does a BBA in Hospitality Management offer?

What does a BBA in Hospitality Management offer?

What does a BBA in Hospitality Management offer?
28 Jan 2021

Post the completion of school education, it is imperative for students to pursue higher studies in order to gain knowledge of a particular field. However, in today’s time, it is crucial to gain holistic knowledge and perspective on the world. While each course is unique and helps in building a strong foundation for a rewarding career, the benefits of pursuing a well-designed undergraduate degree like hospitality have benefits that are applicable in a wide range of industries.

As per research, one in every ten jobs in the world is related to hospitality. So, it is not a surprise that no matter where we are and what we do, we are surrounded by hospitality. This makes it ideal to consider it as a flourishing career option. For making a mark in the field of hospitality, BBA in hospitality management is a business degree that opens doors for massive opportunities. It gives insights into the world of hospitality and prepares one for the future in the most practical manner possible. Besides teaching the principles of management, a BBA programme provides training in areas like operations, finance, marketing, research, planning and HR. This is highly beneficial as students get an in-depth understanding of the field by learning theory in class and applying them in real life through practical sessions. Improvement in interpersonal skills, customer handling and overall personality development fosters their growth in corporate business activities. BBA in hospitality management gets you multiple jobs in private as well as public sector undertakings, some of which include Customer Service Management, Front Office Operation, MNC Operations, Event Planning, Aviation Industry, Travel and Tourism, Marketing and HR Management. It also opens doors for many entrepreneurial opportunities.

In today’s fast paced and evolving world, it is crucial that the hospitality degree one is choosing not only upskills but is also industry relevant. In this regard, some of the top hospitality institutes in India provide a smooth gateway to a flourishing career. At the Indian School of Hospitality, we understand the need to educate students in a way that prepares them for the best and instils the basics of efficient hospitality in them. Pursuing the hospitality management programme with us brings together fundamental elements of business along with the crucial communication techniques and leadership skills. The programme offers a broader educational approach across a range of courses that prepares students with required management theories and operational competencies to enter any segment of the industry upon graduation. With our global curriculum, students can focus on their preferred topics spanning across eight semesters along with two business internships. The first two years of the programme focus on the art of hospitality while the last two allow student to engage with the science of it.

BBA in hospitality management is a path braking choice for an undergraduate degree that reaps multiple benefits throughout one’s career, and the world is brimming with opportunities to be explored.

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