4 Reasons Why a Degree in Service Operations Makes You Highly Employable

4 Reasons Why a Degree in Service Operations Makes You Highly Employable

4 Reasons Why a Degree in Service Operations Makes You Highly Employable
5 Apr 2022

Studies show that a consumer’s buying experience often drives the ultimate purchase. This proves that for a business to be successful, it needs to consider how it makes each customer feel. But what does it really take to achieve service excellence? And what role does a service operations manager play in it? And why is it high in demand? Read on to find out.

What is Service Excellence?

To deliver excellent service, you need to anticipate your customers’ needs. Your business should try to be as consumer-centric as possible, putting the customer at the heart of what you offer. It means moving at their pace, listening closely to their needs and understanding their preferences.

Service excellence is more than a warm welcome or a pleasant smile. While the customer-facing aspect is important for a business, it’s what’s happening behind the scenes that impacts overall customer experience. And a service operations manager focusses essentially on these details.


What’s your role as a service operations manager?

As a service operations manager, you’ll develop a service design model and work with other departments like customer support, marketing and sales. Your role will be similar to an analyst as you ensure that your service department runs as smoothly as possible.

As a service operations manager some of your responsibilities would be to:

1.     Track your customers’ journey, ensure they have an exceptional experience and measure their level of satisfaction.

2.     Leverage the right technology and infrastructure for seamless customer support.

3.     Develop new data while managing and analysing existing data.

4.     Use new age tools to deliver effective consumer service, such as social media.

5.     Develop operational efficiencies, gather feedback and study trends to improve processes.


Gain Knowledge, Connections & Confidence

Whether you’re a graduate looking to gain experiential learning, or are a working professional wanting to upskill yourself to build on your professional journey, the PGP in Services Management is there to guide and assist you every step of the way.

We understand that you might feel anxious about your future in these uncertain times. That’s why our 11-month course will make you future-ready for a career in the service economy. The soft skills you’ll learn will be transferrable, giving you the agility to move from one sector to another with ease. Such an upper hand guarantees a job after your post-graduation, and will make you employable for years to come.

The ISH Advantage 

During our rigorous programme, you’ll learn to think on your feet, analyse data and manage an organisation. This is taught through case studies, real-life simulations, and workshops with industry leaders. You can expect to enhance your soft skills, develop leadership potential and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit.

ISH is the one of the few institutes in the country to offer a customised work term to each student. A work term is more than an internship where your employer mentors and prepares you to take on the challenges of your career.

The world is your oyster

The PGP at ISH is offered in alliance with Les Roches, one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools. This unique collaboration gives students an option to pursue a global MBA or Master’s degree at the Les Roches campuses in Switzerland and Spain, respectively. Regardless of where they decide to continue their journey, students will find a campus that sets the perfect tone for global education.

So whether you’re a fresh graduate, switching careers, an aspiring entrepreneur, or running a family business — the programme will be your comprehensive guide to the ultimate consumer experience.

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