5 pastry trends taking over 2022

5 pastry trends taking over 2022

5 pastry trends taking over 2022
26 Apr 2022

Trends come and go all the time, but with social media dominating the scene, a trend can turn into a full-on craze very soon. 2022’s definitely dished out some exciting new dessert trends that you can’t miss. So, read on to keep up with what’s cooking in the world of baking.

Palette Knife Painting

Your cake becomes your canvas with this artistic, abstract decorating technique. Popular with beginners, palette knife painting is a great way to learn the basics of cake decoration. All you need to use is the tip of your knife, or angled spatula and create designs on cake with buttercream. Palette Knife Painting is a fun, creative way to use up leftover buttercream and develop your decorating skills.

Japanese Mochi

One international treat that’s popular in 2022 is the Japanese Mochi. Japanese mochis are little scoops of ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of rice dough. The soft, pudgy dollops will melt in your mouth and are packed with flavour.

Dessert Charcuterie Board

Designing dessert boards is one trend that’s blowing up on social media. A dessert charcuterie board is like a cheese board that’s filled with all things sweet. They can be customised to your taste and you can add anything you like to them. Dessert boards are perfect for celebrating holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day. For Indian festivals like Holi or Diwali, a dessert board with Indian sweets would definitely be a big hit with your guests!

Mini Cakes

Tiny two-tiered cakes have taken the year by storm and we can’t stop raving about them. Mini cakes are a delight to look at and easy to make. Just bake a large sponge and whip up a batch of buttercream. Use the cookie cutter of your choice and chomp out circles. Stack them together and coat with a thick layer of buttercream. Add edible flowers and sprinkles and you have the perfect mini cake in no time! These adorable, exquisite desserts are perfect for weddings, birthdays or any other celebration.


Another Japanese dessert that’s gone viral in 2022 is dango. Dango is a Japanese rice flour dumpling eaten all year round. It’s shaped like a ping pong ball and typically served on a skewer of 3 to 5 dumplings. Dangos are served with different toppings. Some popular ones include anko dango, covered with red bean paste, cha dango, flavoured with green tea, and goma dango, topped with sesame paste.

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