A Whitepaper on the Concocting Conclave

A Whitepaper on the Concocting Conclave

A Whitepaper on the Concocting Conclave
14 Jul 2023

The Indian School of Hospitality, a part of Sommet Education, one of the finest hospitality and culinary arts school in India, hosted its first food and beverages conclave ‘Concocting Conclave’ on April 14, 2023. The journey to penning this Whitepaper was a long and enriching one which began with a small idea which ultimately metamorphosed into a lasting experience.

Research involved interaction with industry experts and panellists during the event and attending master classes and competitive games on the day of the conference- all in the endeavour to gain a better understanding of the nitty gritties of the Alcobev Industry.

The one-day conclave brought together delegates from the Alcobev industry including renowned academician, author, historian, and food critic Padma Shri Dr. Pushpesh Pant, Certified Whiskey Ambassador Ms. Prarrthona Pal Chowdhury, Industry HR Practitioner Ms. Shweta Pundir, Business Advisor, Start-up Specialist, Government Regulatory Affairs Mr. Raja Mukherji, Advisor & Industry Thought Leader Mr. Pradeep Gidwani and young entrepreneur Mr. Angad Soni.

The event was formally inaugurated by Mr. Dilip Puri, Founder & CEO, Indian School of Hospitality, followed by live panel discussion. The informative panel covered diverse topics impacting the Alcobev industry like demystify the Alcobev, evolution of Alcobev, growth of industry, diversity hiring, sustainability, future of Indian made Indian liquor, Specialty Alcobev Industry, and career opportunities.

The event was sponsored by Monika Alcobev, Monin India Pvt. Ltd., Sepoy and Company. Mr. Dushyant Tanwar, Monika Alcobev Ltd. and Ms. Aakansha Bhatnagar, Sepoy and Company conducted the masterclass sessions followed by competitive games of ‘Mixology’,‘Voice it Out’ and ‘Beverages Wizard’ where students collaborated to foster a sense of teamwork and showcase their creative and problem-solving skills. The event was featured in SPIRITZ magazine, Hospitality Blitz and traveldailymedia.

This was followed by numerous visits to Hotels, Bars and Ahatas to get a first-hand experience of the rapid evolution and changing dynamics of social norms, consumer expectations and customer profiles. Research also focused on the availability of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks intertwined with the rising high-ball culture. These led to some eye -opening discoveries; unveiled facts that were truly captivating and giving a keen insight into the field. Through the whitepaper we hope to take the readers through these intriguing revelations and explore together, the significance they have for the field.

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