Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: a World of Opportunity

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: a World of Opportunity

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: a World of Opportunity
26 Oct 2018

What does the world of travel, tourism and hospitality encompass exactly? The truth is that we’re surrounded by all three almost everywhere we go. Travel, tourism and hospitality are directly related to things we experience every day. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday, staying at a luxury hotel, eating at our favourite restaurant or going shopping – almost every interaction or experience we have during these activities can be traced back to the industry on some scale. Students of hospitality education undergo rigorous practical experience, allowing them to join the related industry of their choice in within a senior position upon graduation.

This steady growth within the industry has made hospitality education an ever-increasingly popular choice for students across the globe. With potential opportunities to work in some of the most aspirational modern industries today, it’s easy to see why it’s a glamorous and attractive choice for aspiring young students, who are choosing hospitality and its flexibility over more traditional educational paths. India, with its own healthy growth within the hospitality and travel and tourism scape, needs to attract capable and aspirational talent of its own more than ever before.

The world of travel, tourism and hospitality is exciting, colourful and fast-paced, with numerous challenges and rewards. Prospective candidates for hospitality education are often reviewed on their academic and leadership potential, interpersonal skills, motivation for hospitality and personality. Successful candidates enjoy working as part of team, can take initiative and are keen problem solvers – the perfect traits for working in a fast-paced and evolving industry.

A well-tailored hospitality management curriculum aims to provide a good balance of both theory and practice, with a strong foundation of service, business and leadership. Students learn how to succeed in business and tap into a range of key skills, including strategic thinking, big-picture orientation, as well as poise, charisma and emotional intelligence. Another important aspect of the curriculum is internships. With more than a quarter of the entire programme dedicated to practical skills, students can pursue internship opportunities in the related field of their choice, giving them an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of their industry, reinforcement of their theoretical learning, and a jump start on their career.

Institutes like the Indian School of Hospitality also offer students exclusive industry mentorship programmes, within which they are paired with experienced industry professionals. These programmes give students insight into the inner-workings of the industry, allow them to explore career opportunities, participate in networking opportunities and get strong placement support for their career post-graduation.

What career opportunities can hospitality management students expect following graduation? Life after hospitality education is actually much more than just hotels – students have an entire world of opportunities open to them. Hospitality graduates, as a matter of fact, are some of the most sought after in today’s rapidly shifting landscape. Many graduates do indeed pursue a career in hotels and resorts, with others excelling in banking and financial services, private equity, luxury and retail, event management, culinary arts, beauty and wellness, aviation, cruise lines and entrepreneurship to name a few.

Increasing globalisation and the way we live our lives are helping drive the growth of travel, tourism and hospitality to bigger heights than ever before. With a performance that’s greater than that of the global economy itself, the sector is set to offer incredible opportunities for those who are willing to take them. Choosing to pursue hospitality education successfully prepares students for some of the most exciting industries across the globe by empowering students with the personal and fundamental life skills needed to flourish and succeed in almost any professional environment. Armed with a strong sense of leadership, impeccable communication skills, critical thinking, comfort working in a team and an entrepreneurial drive, hospitality management graduates possess a toolkit that is invaluable for tomorrow’s world.

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