Try Before You Buy – Why It’s Important to Experience a College Before Committing to It

Try Before You Buy – Why It’s Important to Experience a College Before Committing to It

Try Before You Buy – Why It’s Important to Experience a College Before Committing to It
7 Dec 2018

The time has finally come – you’re in your 12th standard, and the prospect of choosing a college – and the rest of your life – is just around the corner. Scary stuff! The good news is, picking the right college for you doesn’t have to be a leap into the unknown. Today’s world offers students the freedom of exploring and experiencing a college before choosing it – giving them a good picture of what their life will be life for the next four years; or fourty. Here’s five pointers we have for students and their parents to keep in mind when looking for the right choice for higher education.

How does it make you feel?

We’re serious – it’s important to consider the way the college makes you feel from the get-go. What vibe do you get from the second you step into the grounds? You’re potentially spending the next four years of your life at the institute, are you excited about the prospect? Do as much exploring as you can – if you keep wanting to see more and can’t wait to come back for the next open day, you might want to put a tick mark next to the institute on your list.

Is the curriculum in line with what you want to do in your future?

When you’re attending a fair or open day event of your prospective college, ask for material on the academic curriculum. Take a good look at the modules of the programme you’re interested in. Do they line up with the course? Will you be learning skills that are usable in more than one industry? Do you see yourself receiving a good foundation for lifelong learning? Remember – these modules will be teaching you skills and tools that will help shape the rest of your life, so it’s important to pay close attention to them and discuss them with the institute’s academic department or admissions team.


Meet the team – can their network become your network?

ne of the most important parts of getting to know a prospective college is getting to know the faculty! These are the academics and instructors who will be guiding you over your education and can help you network and build a professional portfolio during your time in college. It’s a good idea to check the personal work of relevant faculty members including portfolios, research and awards.

Find out about any affiliations and how they contribute to your futureDo some digging or talk to the admissions team to find out about the institute’s industrial and academic connections. Some of the best colleges out there offer academic affiliations with international institutes, which means you’ll have the option of exchange programmes, or even finishing your studies abroad. What’s more, it’s important to know the kinds of employers you’ll have access to during your time at that college.

Accommodation – evaluate your new home away from home

Last but most definitely not least, experiencing a college gives you a glimpse into your new home – student accommodation. Accommodation should have all the amenities you need to ensure you can focus on your studies and maintain a happy, balanced lifestyle. Attending an open day allows you to see what the college has to offer, ensure all safety and security measures are in check, and even call dibs on a room with a great view you may have already fallen in love with.

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