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Weekend Masterclasses at École Ducasse ISH Gurugram
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Culinary Workshops

We offer a range of short-term culinary workshops that allow you to learn the art of cooking. These demonstrative classes follow a guided approach and take participants through each step of the culinary process. Participants get a chance to explore international cuisine and local food, create unique dishes and discover their inner chef through these short-term workshops.

Similar to the programmes taught on campus, the workshops are designed around immersive learning experiences as participants train with expert chefs. Such hands-on training forms the perfect platform for a flourishing career in culinary arts. At the same time, it allows each participant to enter the world of Ducasse and experience the first École Ducasse campus in India.

The sessions are inclusive of all ingredients, kitchen equipment, and recipe notes, and will be conducted at our professional training kitchens. Each participant will receive an apron and a chef cap and will take home a goodie bag filled with cookies!

Here’s what participants will gain from the workshops

Participants get a chance to explore their passion for cooking and experience life as a professional chef. They discover new flavours, diversify their palate and enjoy the dish they prepare. Participants gain an insight into commercial, modern kitchens that are fitted with the latest equipment and tools. At the same time, they learn about international cuisine, regional food and prepare dishes with exotic ingredients. These engaging work-shops help them discover more than cooking and understand various cultures through cuisine.

Who are these workshops for?

The culinary workshops are for anyone with a flair for cooking. Whether it’s corporates, working professionals, stay-at-home moms, high school students or children between 8 to 12 years — we invite all to join!

Culinary Workshops



9th July 2022

Global Vegan Food

16th July 2022

“Low Oil, No Oil”

23rd July 2022

Cooking for the Maharajas

30th July 2022

Sculptured Cakes

20th August 2022

Goan Cuisine

27th August 2022

Gluten-Free Food

3rd Sept 2022

Cooking for the Maharajas

10th Sept 2022

Decadent Chocolate Desserts

17th Sept 2022

Kayastha Cuisine

24th Sept 2022

Hand Rolled Pasta

To know more about the Culinary Workshops, please contact:

Gaurav Pandey - Assistant Director - Hospitality

98117 78660

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Culinary Workshops