For GEMS Education students

Indian School of Hospitality – proud to be part of the UniConnect network

We’re delighted to be part of the GEMS Education UniConnect Network program. As members of the UniConnect Network, we get to cooperate with schools and other institutions to help provide students with knowledge on their future opportunities, get more insight on the right career choice for them, and help them discover an exceptional education that is tailormade for their future path.

What does this mean for GEMS Education students?

This association means that both GEMS Education students and all of other UniConnect peers are kept abreast of ISH happenings, programmes, and events. ISH is also extending exclusive scholarships for GEMS students, with more information on the available scholarships and application process noted below.

GEMS Education Student Scholarships

ISH offers exclusive scholarship opportunities to applicants from all GEMS schools, worldwide. The said scholarships will be applicable only for our UG programmes and will be offered under the following verticals. While these are multifold channels for GEMS students to acquire Scholarships for year one of admissions, there are also numerous opportunities for them to apply for further scholarships throughout their tenure at ISH, which will enable them to get maximum financial benefits. These opportunities are subject to terms and conditions as laid down by ISH and shall be governed by the Academic Council. To apply for scholarships, GEMS and all other students must first apply to one of our undergraduate programmes, after which the scholarship application will become available on their personal portal.

Scholarships available at the point of entry – first year of study

The following scholarships have been created exclusively for GEMS students for the first year of the UG programmes – from the second year onwards, there are more options, which would require students to apply and qualify, post which they will be awarded the relevant scholarship.

This is the basic and common Scholarship available to every applicant from GEMS Schools, regardless of merit, origin, age, gender or financial background. This Scholarship is a uniform 10% on the first-year tuition fee for all candidates from GEMS who have been extended an offer by ISH.
In addition to the ISH-GEMS Gateway Scholarship, ISH would like to extend a further 5% acholarship on the first-year tuition fee to all GEMS employees whose children apply for our UG programmes.
In addition to the ISH-GEMS Gateway Scholarship and the GEMS Employees’ Scholarship, students are eligible for scholarships based on academic scores achieved on various curricula while at the time of applying. For more information or individual counselling on this scholarship, please contact our admissions team.
An exclusive Scholarship for high performing female applicants from GEMS Schools. Consideration would include a high first class standing in the 12th class examination, review of their SOP, and application filed by 31st May 2018. The assessment of applications is based on past, current and potential academic performance, including potential of future leadership qualities.

Second year scholarships for GEMS students

In addition to the above-mentioned first year Scholarships, GEMS students will be further eligible for the following scholarships year on year from their second year onwards at ISH– in order to secure the same, they need to apply (if applicable) and qualify. The applications will be reviewed by the Academic Council and relevant Scholarships will be awarded subject to terms and conditions.

Students who score and maintain a minimum letter grade standing of A (90% to 94%) for consecutive semesters will be automatically considered.
Students who score and maintain a minimum letter grade standing of B+ (80% to 83%) and maintain the same for consecutive semesters are automatically considered.
  1. Open for students in any of the undergraduate programmes at ISH. The student needs to apply and qualify for the award
  2. Not a recurring award and only available for the Second year (Semester four) and Fourth year (Semester seven)
  3. Value and number of award will vary
  1. The student needs to be in good academic standing and maintain a minimum letter grade standing of B (75% to 79%)
  2. The student must demonstrate their good attendance standing and maintains a minimum 95% attendance during their internship (furbish attendance records along with application)
  3. The student must furbish letter of recommendation / appreciation from hospitality unit where he/she has interned
  1. Open to all students based on demonstrated assistantship need. Students do not automatically qualify for these awards but need to apply for the same.
  2. Available on a first come first save basis with each application being examined on a case by case basis by the Academic council of the committee assigned for determining awards and scholarship.
  3. Value of the award will vary and will be applicable in two equal installments with the credit being applied towards the tuition fee, incidental fees, housing fees before any residual amount is paid to the student via cheque.
  4. The student needs to be in good academic standing and has a minimum letter grade standing of B (75% to 79%) for consecutive semesters to be automatically considered for subsequent semesters.
  5. For first year students or otherwise, the student needs to furbish the IT statements of his/her parents as well as any supporting documents required to assess household income and validate need, along with his/her application for the award (SOP format).
  6. For first year applicants, the student must have secured a high first class standing in the 12th class examination and have filed their application for admission to ISH latest by 30th June 2018.
  7. The student needs to maintain an attendance of a minimum of 75% to continue to qualify for assistantship awards.
  1. Open for students in any of the undergraduate programmes at ISH from for their third year of study onwards (Semester five onwards).
  2. The student needs to apply and qualify for the award prior to commencement of every semester at ISH (Semester five, seven and eight).

Other financial aid and student loans

We facilitate our students’ access to student loans from leading loan providers. These leading financial institutions provide funding for up to 95% of the tuition expenses for admitted students for up to the first two years of study at ISH.

Earn while you learn - on campus work opportunities

In addition to the First Year Scholarships and yearly Scholarships, all GEMS students are eligible to apply for our ISH Work Study Programme, which is a unique learning experience which allows them to “earn while they learn”. Interested students need to apply and get selected by the Academic Council on a yearly basis. Selection will be based on eligibility and application towards other Scholarships at the time of applying. Terms and conditions apply.

More information and personalised advice

For more information on scholarships and benefits available for GEMS students, the scholarship application process, deadlines, and scholarship amounts, please get in touch with a member of our admissions team through the Contact Us page or directly by phone at 77108 45555 or email at and we will be happy to help.

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