Sharpen your knives and prepare your stations to compete for a spot at the winners’ table.

We’re inviting all professional chefs, culinary students, and home cooks for the ultimate culinary competition at École Ducasse India.

Competitors shall be rated on the quality and flavour of their prepared items, as well as their organisation, knife skills, cooking techniques, creative presentation and food-safety practices.

Winners will take home exciting prizes from our sponsors and a certificate from École Ducasse ISH Gurugram. All participants shall also receive a gift hamper and a certificate from our institute!

Registration is now closed. Participants who have successfully registered for the events are invited to join us from February 10-12th at 10:30 AM onwards for the competition.

Competitions for Students

Open to all culinary and pastry arts students on 10th February 2024 at the ISH Campus

Competitions for Home Cooks & Bakers

Open to passionate home cooks and home bakers on 11th February 2024 at the ISH Campus

Competition for Professional Chefs

Open to pro chefs from hotels, restaurants, cafes and other F&B operations on 12th February 2024 at the ISH Campus

Rules & Regulations

Note: Participants are advised not to use beef and pork at the venue or during the competition.

  • An individual competitor can participate in as many classes as he/she wishes but he/she is restricted to one entry in any one class.
  • No change of class will be allowed after the closing date of entries. In case of cancellation of participation due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizers should be notified immediately.
  • Competitors, please note that entries will be disqualified if the complete display is not kept within the space limit specified in the category of class.
  • Competitors must ensure that no name/logo of his/her organization is visible to judges during competition.
  • Competitors must ensure that no uniform or chef cap of his organization is visible to judges during judging.
  • The organizers will not be held responsible whatsoever for any damage to exhibits, loss of equipment or utensils by the competitors.
  • The organizers reserve the right to rescind, modify or add on to any of the above rules and conditions and their interpretation will be final. They also reserve the right to limit the number of entries per class or cancel any class, should there be a need to do so.
  • The organizers, while taking all reasonable precautions, shall not under any circumstances be held liable or responsible for the loss or damage of any exhibits, goods, or personal effects.
  • No committee member, member or any chef will be allowed to intervene during judging. No appeals will be entertained; the judge’s decision is final, and no changes will he make after final results are issued.
  • Co-operate with the organizers and officials at all times. They are there to help you and ensure that the Culinary Fest 2023 runs smoothly.
  • Judging of prepared dishes with an assessment of the recipe. Make sure to place the recipe by the side of the display.
  • Keep your written descriptions as clear as possible without losing clarity. You are allowed to have someone else do the written description for you. No points will be given for writing/displaying of menus/ table set-up/ Props/ descriptions / recipes. The method of cooking should be clearly specified and displayed beside each dish/preparation.
  • 2 sets of recipes should be provided for the competition. Failure to do so would result in disqualification.
  • Each competitor must provide his own supporting materials and base. He/ She also must ensure his/her creation can be moved to the judging area, when his/her time limit is up.
  • Each competitor has to bring his own raw and unprocessed commodities for live cooking competition, which will be inspected prior to the competition, to ensure that no preparatory work has been done.
  • Competitors who are in doubt of the interpretation of the criteria/ rules and regulations are advised to contact:

How to Register

  • Entry forms can be found within.
  • Registration fee is Rs. 250/- per participant irrespective of the number of events that you wish to participate in
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Our categories are very specific, and a change is not allowed.
  • Open for various categories:
    • 10th February - Students from various schools and colleges.
    • 11th February - Home Bakers & Home Cooks.
    • 12th February – Industry Professionals.
  • Acceptance of entries is on a first come-first-serve basis. There are limited seats to allow us to do justice to the competition. Submission of a completed entry form means acceptance to abide by the Rules and Regulations.
  • Every competitor must submit the RECIPE card (hard copy). 2 hard copies to be brought along on the day of the competition.
  • No change of category, for whatever reason, will be allowed once the application has been accepted.
  • Competitors will receive a communication when the entry deadline is reached.
  • Please photocopy if extra entry forms are needed.

The last day of registration is 7th February 2023.


Our Sponsors

For Any Queries, Contact

Chef Sydney Oscar Lee
(Assistant Director- Culinary Studies)