Executive Programmes

Executive Programmes

Executive Education Programmes

Understanding shifts in consumer behaviour has been the biggest challenge for customer-facing industries. Whether it's junior, middle or senior — managers at all levels must prepare for a volatile, uncertain market. While the socio-economic environment and technology drive the change, people remain the key differentiators.

Managers with a suitable skill set and the ability to adapt shall be the key to your company's success. To take your business to the next level, your people need to upgrade their skill sets and become the leaders of tomorrow. At ISH, we've designed our Executive Education programmes to do just that!

The ISH Centre for Executive Education provides customised management development programmes across multiple management levels and functions in the travel, tourism, hospitality and other service-driven sectors that are highly customer-centric. Our strong industry connect helps us collaborate with top names in the business and design curricula customised for their needs. The expert faculty of academics and industry professionals bring real-world knowledge to train each learner in the programme. We rely on technology-enabled hybrid learning and help managers at all levels to learn and upgrade their skills in customer-centric industries.

Our course portfolio and key features

The Executive Education Programmes shall enhance human capital at multiple levels. They will help

  • Develop capabilities to drive operations excellence
  • Develop design thinking abilities
  • Develop people centric leadership capabilities
  • Develop service excellence mindsets
  • Develop enhanced executive presence and business communication

Who are they for?

We offer a range of long and short term programmes in the hybrid mode for:

  • Entry level management
  • Mid management
  • Senior management and leadership

Long Term Hybrid Programmes

These programmes are meant for entry-level managers, those who are freshly recruited from college or come with a year or two of experience. Our programmes serve as management training programmes for organisations hiring a cohort. They are customisable and delivered by reputed academics and industry practitioners.

Duration – Between 9 and 15 months, which is a blend of on-the-job trainings, online sessions and sessions in person during the Bootcamps

Learning Mode – Hybrid, a series of online sessions and on-campus training over 3 boot camps.

Management Level – Entry-level management.

You may choose any combination of modules and duration for the programme. Each module has the flexibility for customization and contexualization.

The programme is designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Customer-centric mindsets which are adept with the ever-evolving customer behaviour
  • Capabilities to manage teams and team leaders
  • Develop an orientation towards using technology platforms to the benefit of the organisation
  • Focussed training on Executive presence, business communication and body language
  • Ability to build relationships for a lifetime engagement
  • Agile leaders who are solution-oriented and understand a sense of ownership
  • The modules offered cover a range of topics such as Service Operations and Design, Services Marketing, Digital Marketing, Technology in Hospitality, Mastering selling, Effective leadership, Financial Management, Revenue Management and Human Resources.

Short-Term Hybrid Management Development Programmes (MDP’s)

A range of selected short-term courses that offer significant upskilling opportunities to managers at mid and senior management levels across multiple functional and operational roles. The programmes are customisable to your needs and are delivered by reputed academics and industry practitioners.

One-day workshops to 3-month interventions designed for specific learning and development needs for a focused group of participants. The programme delivery can be done on campus at ISH, onsite at your learning centres or online in a blended format.

Duration – Between 9 and 15 months, which is a blend of on-the-job trainings, online sessions and sessions in person during the Bootcamps

Learning Mode – A series of campus boot camps combined with online synchronous sessions.

Management Level – Middle and senior management.

You may choose any combination of modules and duration for the programme. Each module has the flexibility for customisation and contextualisation. These programmes are designed for managers who have been identified by the organisation as having high potential and require upgrading of their skill sets before they move into leadership roles.

The expected learning outcomes from these programmes are:

  • Service design thinking abilities
  • Understanding management of organisational change
  • Asking the right questions to all stake holders
  • Agility in leadership
  • Managing the profitability by enhanced financial acumen
  • Operational excellence

Most short-term programmes will include capstone projects jointly agreed with you and addressing an issue in your organization which will help deliver a tangible learning outcome which can be measured.

Enhance Workplace Effectiveness with our Modular Programmes

Performance Management and Performance Appraisal Workshop

Ideal for: Junior managers, middle managers, senior managers, department heads and ambitious hospitality professionals
Duration: 5 days
Taught where: ISH Gurugram campus


  • Constructive conversations on performance can be difficult and make us wonder whether performance reviews help or hinder employee morale. Many employees seem demotivated after their annual appraisal and leave the conversation without any valuable feedback.
  • The quality of writing an appraisal form can be challenging for some of the most senior managers in the industry. Comments are usually sparse or rather negative, which keeps the employee in the dark and without a proper direction.


  • Reasons for poor performance conversations e.g avoidance syndrome, ‘good guy syndrome,’ lack of interest in mentoring
  • Difference between a high and low conversation
  • Phrases you can use/avoid for a difficult conversation
  • Motivational theories: Intrinsic & extrinsic motivation
  • Performance appraisal and biases
  • “Johari Window”: How to recognise your blind spots
  • How to write a good performance appraisal report.
  • Bridging the demographic divide (generational gap, mentors to resist turning protégés into their mirror image)
  • Goal setting: SMART goal


  • Improved performance conversations with the mentor (appraiser)
  • Better acceptance of performance conversations from the protégé (appraisee)
  • More focused goal-setting conversations between mentor and protégé

Business Communication

Ideal for: Junior managers, middle managers and other professionals in hospitality or other service-driven industry
Duration: 5 days, 6-hour sessions each day
Taught where: ISH Gurugram campus


  • Business communication moves beyond writing the perfect email or chatting with your colleague. It includes strong presentation skills, holding your own in a meeting, conversing with team members on virtual calls and more
  • Learning to communicate effectively in professional settings helps you reduce conflict at the workplace, makes you easy to work with and increases your chances for a promotion.


  • Learn how to communicate fluently in English
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of effective communication
  • Know more about the barriers while communicating
  • Expressing yourself over zoom and connect with your audience virtually


  • Improved rapport amongst various teams through clear communication
  • Enhancement of overall levels of confidence
  • Reduction in inter-departmental conflicts

Executive presence

Ideal for: Junior managers, middle managers and other professionals in hospitality or other service-driven industry
Duration: 5 days, 6-hour sessions each day
Taught where: ISH Gurugram campus


It is difficult to define executive presence. But if someone high in this quality walks into a room you can feel it. The warm smile, firm handshake, eye-to-eye contact and a spring in the step, all contribute to a commanding personae. If you are high in executive presence you tend to exude so much self-assurance that this inspires confidence in all around you. If you are low in executive presence not to worry as composure, and a more upbeat personae through image management and enhanced emotional quotient can be developed with the right guidance.


Image management & people management

  • Personal Grooming: Perfecting skin, hair care and your attire
  • Art of applying make-up
  • Body language: How to enhance your grace and etiquette
  • Drawing on Emotional intelligence to boost self-confidence. EI can be increased by up to 40%


  • Enhanced sense of dressing and image management
  • Understanding the importance of grooming
  • Enhanced self-confidence through emotional intelligence training, on how to manage yourself and others

A selection of workshops (1-5 days, at ISH or online)

1. Perfecting time and resource management

The efficient use of time | Avoiding procrastination | Effective delegation

2. Problem-solving and decision making

7-step strategy, from identifying the problem to strategy implementation

3. Team building and self-directed work

Setting team goals | Strategising for continuous team self-improvement

4. Enhancing motivation and employee engagement

What motivates followers and leaders | Creating a motivational environment

5. Mastering persuasion and conflict management

Mastering persuasion | Conflict handling | Pre-empting conflict

6. Emotional intelligence and managerial effectiveness

The business case for EQ | Steps to increase EQ | Guiding your team members on better EQ

7. Effective leadership during uncertain times (VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)

Coping with uncertainty | Build on resilience and agility for oneself and one’s team

8. The art of effective coaching and mentoring

Dos and don’ts of mentoring and coaching | Developing effective developmental programmes

9. Better performance conversations

More focused performance and goal-setting conversations between mentor and protégé

10. Enhancing business communication

Global English vs Indian English | Elevator pitch | Making effective presentations

11. Developing executive presence

Creating executive presence | Impactful dressing for the workplace | Customer-centric body language

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