About ISH Hospitality education. Reimagined.

Why study at ISH?

Choosing to study at the Indian School of Hospitality provides you with an international standard of hospitality education from a faculty of industry experts as well as some of the world’s most renowned names in the field. We’re dedicated to providing you with a world class education, cutting-edge professional experience and a career path that’s set up for success.

We understand the nuances of the hospitality, travel and tourism industry- as well as the needs of the millennial student. These fields are becoming the fastest growing worldwide, and require talent that’s more versatile and flexible than ever before. Our aim is to provide you with the relevant skills, mindset and spirit to succeed as the leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow.

We help you kickstart you career

We’re dedicated to providing you with support and advice on your future career throughout the course of your studies. Furthermore, our partnerships with leading industry institutions will provide you with exclusive internships, executive placements and professional support both during and after your studies.

Benefit from exclusive industry partnerships

Our partnerships with some of the biggest names in the hospitality and it’s allied sectors will provide you access to placement and internship opportunities that will help you gain practical experience from some of the world’s best.

We want you to join us

The face of the industry is changing and we think it’s time for education to catch up too. We’re revolutionizing hospitality education and fostering the leaders, innovators and influencers of tomorrow. Are you ready to see hospitality education, reimagined?

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