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Your Direct Path to Hospitality Excellence with Make My Trip, JLL, Thomas Cook, and Les Roches.

Our PGP in Hospitality Management transcends the typical educational journey; it is a focused employment program specifically engineered to facilitate your seamless integration into the hospitality industry, offering assured positions with top-tier companies like JLL, Thomas Cook, and Make My Trip. These industry leaders take an active role in the selection process from the program’s outset, ensuring that each selected candidate is aligned for a guaranteed Pre-Placement Offer, accompanied by a competitive starting package of 6LPA

In addition, all selected candidates benefit from a remarkable incentive: a 50% tuition fee benefit provided directly by these companies, boosting your journey towards achieving hospitality excellence. This program extends beyond traditional academia, paving your direct path to the forefront of the hospitality sector by combining rigorous academic preparation with fast-track employment opportunities at some of the most prestigious companies in the industry.

Furthermore, post the program completion, you're presented with a seamless pathway to elevate your PGP credits to a Master's degree at Les Roches in Switzerland or Spain, whether you choose to proceed immediately or after gaining some industry experience. This graduate employment program is designed not just for immediate job readiness but also for sustained academic and professional growth, ensuring you're well-prepared for both immediate employment and long-term career development.

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