Meet our Dean of AcademicsAnd learn what hospitality means to him

Rajiv Cowasjee Dean of Academics

An alumnus of the Oberoi School of Management and the University of British Columbia, Rajiv has had extensive work exposure across luxury hotels in India, the Middle East, Ireland and Canada.

On his passion for hospitality

My affair with hospitality began in culinary arts - over the years, with evolving job expectations and requirements, and my thirst for upgradation, I have moved to different verticals of the industry, enjoying and experiencing every challenge and every opportunity the industry offered me.

I believe that hospitality, in its broader connotation, encompasses all elements of customer service and satisfaction, regardless of the industry or one’s role in the organization. There is a core group of qualities that remains sought after in a professional- namely integrity, reliability and passion. For all the long hours and challenging guest encounters, it is singularly passion that stands out and stays by the side of any hospitality professional.

Hospitality not only allowed me to drive myself, but to move ahead as a supervisor and manager to lead my team in delivering an enhanced guest experience. It also pushed me to upgrade my skills, transforming me into a lifelong learner and helped me evolve into the role I assume today.

ISH is all about relevance, lifelong learning and research – this education platform is being built and brought across to you, the students, by people who are still making waves in the industry. That’s how much we believe in real time learning. You are under the guidance and tutelage of a team that is passionate about what they do and represent.

Our philosophy is simple; we want you to become the best at what you do. It remains my personal goal to ensure that every one of you truly engage with all aspects of hospitality through your academic journey at ISH, well beyond the classroom where you will develop meaningful life-long connects.

A lifelong journey of discovery

ISH is poised to be a leader in hospitality education and research. Through our hospitality programme, we encourage you to foster lifelong skills that will stay with you throughout your careers. ISH promotes its own unique way of life, embracing the notion that education remains a journey- and not a final destination.

You will be coached by faculty members who are Lausanne certified Qualified Learning Facilitators (QLF) backed with a wealth of experience in academia and the hospitality sectors, mentored by prominent global business leaders on our advisory council, as well as exposed to a one of its kind mentorship programme connecting hospitality leaders with you, the students, throughout your journey at ISH.

Upon graduating, you will be able to work across different segments in a truly global industry that has no borders. You will be exposed to a diversity of cultures while also prepared for a rewarding career, mainstream or otherwise, that can take you across continents. Allow your passion to shine through, and embrace the philosophy of lifelong learning and you will discover an exciting path that will guide you throughout your life.

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