Our scholarships

Rewarding academic merit and passion

We believe that merit and dedication deserve to be rewarded. That’s why during our application process, you’re encouraged to let us know about something you’re proud of having achieved, your family background or your exceptional academic record in school. When you’re applying, you can choose the category of scholarship you’d like to apply for and let us know why you’re a deserving candidate for it. To help you understand the scholarship types we offer, you can read our handy guide below. For more information on financial aid and loans, please visit our dedicated page.

Early entrance applicants

We experience a surge of applications from the middle of the admissions cycle and encourage students to apply to ISH as early as possible to secure a seat in our programmes. To help encourage our applicants to avoid missing out, we’re offering a scholarship to those who confirm their acceptance to ISH before March 31st of each year.

Women at ISH (Wish)

Research figures show that while the hospitality industry is actively looking for more female talent, the enrollment numbers of female students to hospitality institutes is comparatively low. We’re dedicated to bridging all and any talent gaps for the industry – and we’re even more passionate about empowering the ambitions of young women. All female applications to our programmes can apply for our Wish scholarship and receive a scholarship based on past, current and potential academic performance, including promise of leadership qualities.

International applicants

Hospitality is about celebrating all cultures and communities – which is exactly why we’re offering scholarships to all international applications to ISH. This applies to all international, non-Indian applicants up to the value of 10% of their first-year fee, credited toward tuition fees in two equal installments and applied to semester 1 and semester 2.

NGO/PSU/Armed Forces background award

We’re dedicated to giving back to the families of those who dedicated their lives to serving our country and making it a better place for all. For all children of those actively involved in NGOs, public sector undertakings and the Armed Forces, ISH offers 10% off from tuition fees, for each year of their studies.

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