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The Fearless Chef
9 Aug 2023

In conversation with Sana Khan and her protégé, Mitrangda, on their shared passion for pastry arts and their sweetest achievements so far. Join them as they talk about what it takes to be a female chef in a male-dominated industry.

Farm to Fork
7 Jul 2023

The sixties saw the rise of the farm-to-fork movement when Americans shelved canned goods and embraced locally sourced produce. Famous chefs like Alain Chapel and Michel Guérard led the revolution, but Alain Ducasse is said to have invented farm-to-table even before it became popular.

Plant-forward food and its meaty truth
6 Jul 2023

Does vegan cheese melt like mozzarella? Can beetroot burgers beat the traditional lamb version? Could a mixture of mushrooms, tofu and other ingredients pack the same punch as a hearty steak?

2023: The Year of the Forgotten Millet
4 Jul 2023

First grown 4,000 years ago, millets have been an Indian staple for centuries. But with wheat production increasing after independence, they were limited to villages and eventually got lost in oblivion. With these nutritionally dense seeds regaining popularity, United Nations declared 2023 to be the International Year of Millets.

Spice Root
26 Jun 2023

On the first edition of Spice Root, we’ll explore the origins of sumac — a bright fuchsia garnish with a citrusy, earthy flavor found in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Sumac is usually derived from the poisonous shrub of the same name. The culinary variety, however, is safe to eat and easily identifiable by its vibrant red berries.

Vegan Desserts: the Ultimate Guide to plant-based baking
21 Jun 2023

From cakes to cookies and everything in between, vegan baking is more popular than ever before! We caught up with Chef Aabhas Jain to talk about the latest trend, how it affects his approach to teaching and the curriculum at École Ducasse India.

My Greek Sojourn
12 Jun 2023

Centuries ago, a really wise elder from Grecian society made a statement that rings true even today. The statement read ‘A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know that they never shall sit in’.

Chef Sana’s Honey Almond Cake Recipe
3 Mar 2023

Our learning facilitator is quick to whip up spectacular sweet treats. Inspired by Indian cuisine, here’s her take on the classic dodha barfi. While the traditional mithai is known for its rich taste and gooey texture, the almond cake is mildly sweet and topped with a layer of sliced almonds.

Charcuterie Board: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Spread
16 Feb 2023

A charcuterie board is a beautiful and delicious way to entertain guests, whether for a special occasion or just a casual gathering. It’s a platter filled with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, bread, fruit, nuts, and other accompaniments. If made properly, it has the ability to be the centrepiece of any get-together or party. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect charcuterie board

Passionate about Pan Asian? Take it to the next level today!
2 Jun 2022

If you’re quick to whip up stir fried noodles, enjoy wrapping delicate dim sums, and pickling zingy veggies into kimchi — then, a career in Asian cuisine is for you and cooking classes can help you get there!

Choose a culinary programme that’s right for you
18 Apr 2022

If the kitchen’s your happy place and you love to ‘wow’ at potluck dinners or com-pletely go off script while following a recipe — why not pursue an education in culi-nary arts?

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