Hospitality courses after 12th

ISH offers various exemplary courses which help our students excel in the fields of hospitality, culinary arts and pursue an exciting career in the services industry. These include degree courses, diploma courses and certificate courses.

20 Sep 2021
What does a BBA in Hospitality Management offer?

One in every ten jobs in the world is related to hospitality. No matter where we are and what we do, we are surrounded by hospitality. This makes it ideal to consider it as a flourishing career option. BBA in hospitality management is a business degree that opens doors for countless opportunities in various industries around the world.

28 Jan 2021
Top 5 trends in the world of pastry

Is it possible to see a pastry and not get excited to eat it? Well, pastries are truly one of the best food creations out there.

20 Oct 2020
Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate?

We’ve fallen head over heels for culinary arts. From TV shows and movies to bestselling books and especially our

13 Jan 2020
Why We All Want to Be Chefs More Than Ever Before – And Where Will It Take Us

The culinary landscape has been changed and brought to our attention by dozens of trailblazers who have left their

11 Apr 2019
5 Essential Reads for Aspiring Culinary Arts Students

Being a chef isn’t just about throwing together masterpieces in the kitchen. Chances are, if you’ve seen the personal

3 Feb 2019
Try Before You Buy – Why It’s Important to Experience a College Before Committing to It

The time has finally come – you’re in your 12th standard, and the prospect of choosing a college

7 Dec 2018
Hospitality – More than Just a Profession

The world we live in today is changing. It’s evolving faster than ever before. It’s connecting us in new

3 Dec 2018
Five Key Things to Consider While Choosing A College

Today, more than ever, education – or, more importantly, what we define as a good education – is one

26 Oct 2018
Five Ways Hospitality Education Prepares You for Tomorrow’s World

Believe it or not, we’re all living in a very hospitable world. So hospitable, in fact, that according to

26 Oct 2018
Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: a World of Opportunity

What does the world of travel, tourism and hospitality encompass exactly?

26 Oct 2018
Why does the Hospitality Industry Thrive on Creativity & Innovation?

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common” –is a

26 Oct 2018
Making a Career in Culinary Arts. Thinking Big. Thinking Passionately.

The world of culinary arts is growing more rapidly than ever before – bringing with it an abundance of…

25 Oct 2018
High Tech for High Touch: Reimagining Hospitality Education for Tomorrow’s World

With today’s technological advancements, tourism & travel, hospitality and other sister streams are taking over the global…

25 Oct 2018
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